REVOSTAGE Gives Your Community a Sociable Centre !

....because the own event on your own stage is always the best.

Nothing brings the people of social facilities better together than an event beneath the roof where they feel at ease.
Also the performance gets its own special value when it takes place on your own stage.
A common room with a stage becomes the centre of all commonalities and does not loose its integrity on the contrary the quick assembled stage gives your performance , both large or small, a focused attention and gives the room an important central point.
REVOSTAGE was aware of that and developed the most lightweight stage elements so that the assembly of the stage is no more an obstacle but now in the true sense of the word a children’s game.
With REVOSTAGE the show starts already before the show
The lightweight REVOSTAGE is easy to transport and is virtually “hand luggage”. It is ideal for a variety of activities.
Also transport and storage is easy solved. It is portable in flight cases with castors and an only 1m² storeroom is enough for a 24 m² stage.
In case your existing premises do not accept your desired stage - no problem we help you with custom made decks and heights aligned to your needs.
This stage system is an insiders’ tip for the use in social facilities as retirement homes, daycare centres, communities, churches and clubs already for a long time.
With a certified loadability of 750 kg/m² there are also no safety concerns with REVOSTAGE.
REVOSTAGE is the most light-weighted stage system in the market! 
All stage elements are produced for you in Sheffield, England, the cradle of
industrialization, under the high demands of ISO 9001 in European quality.
Please forget cheap copies from Far East.
Do not invest in the same product twice!
REVOSTAGE is your local partner. Spare parts and service support are guaranteed
by the European distributor Straight Connection in Germany.

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