… and the fun begins already before the performance.

Wouldn't it be great when you had a stage that can be mounted even by the first graders of your school very easily?

To perform on the self mounted own school stage gives additional motivation to be part of it from the beginning. Easy mounting and demounting delights not only the caretaker; here also the children can set their hands on stage building and so the fun begins already with the setup of the stage.

For the teaching staff is becomes easier to plan school events - willingly aides are to be found easier - Team spirit is the motto of REVOSTAGE.

Revostage Schulbühne

Also transport and storage are perfectly solved. Portable in flight cases with casters and there will be no problems storing the stage as you need only 1 sqm space to store a 24 sqm stage.

If you have problems to integrade a standard stage in your facilities, no problem, we can help you with bespoke measures in area and height.  

Revostage Schulbühne

This portable stage system is the first choice for schools and communities. With a proved loadability of 750 kg/sqm there are also no safety concerns. Apropos safety for the kids:  All corners are rounded and there are no sharp edges.

REVOSTAGE is the most light-weighted stage system in the market! 
All stage elements are produced for you in Sheffield, England,  the cradle of
industrialization, under the high demands of ISO 9001 in European quality.
Please forget cheap copies from Far East.
Do not invest in the same product twice!
REVOSTAGE is your local partner. Spare parts and service support are guaranteed
by the European distributor Straight Connection in Germany.

Let's start with practise:

Do you need the stage for indoor use as for instance for your auditorium, the school hall ?
Then you have the choice between the carpet version or  DiamondDek, a durable silkscreen surface.
Carpet for the dry indoor use and DiamondDek for indoor and partly outdoor events.
What do you perform mainly on your stage: Theatre play, school production, concerts or also dance and acrobatics?
The carpeted version has a low foofall sound and makes the stage elegant and is a very precious platform.
DiamondDek is usable also for more action, is non-slip but suitable even for dance performances. Hence allround.
What heights do you recommend?
The most popular stage height is 43 cm (40 cm risers and 3 cm platform thickness).
Do I need hand rails?
Please ask you local authorities from what height hand rails are possibly compulsory. If you need guard rails they are easy and quick to install on the edge of your stage.
How easy is the setup of the stage?
All you need is an Allen key. The system is set up in no time with no complication.
The mounting of a 5 m x 3m stage takes 2 persons not longer than 15 minutes.
Of course one person can set up the stage alone - We gladly remind you:
A 1x1m platform weighs only about 10 kg !!!
What about transportation ?
REVOSTAGE offers for all stage components flight cases with a capacity of 10 or 15 platforms plus risers and accessories. Easy transport and secure storage. 
In addition there are transport trolleys of various sizes available. 

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Revostage Bühne

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Revostage Bühne

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