REVOSTAGE transforms your small event into a great presentation
- and a large event into a small thing in respect of assembly !

Because with REVOSTAGE the show starts already before the show.
Small or large stages, if you have to equip several rooms in your hotel for different events the most lightweight stage system REVOSTAGE is easy to mount and demount for the respective event.
Thanks to the lightweight and manageable stage elements you are flexible and unrestricted in selection the right place.  Finally there is no action with heavy equipment, no disturbing transport in the lobby. This variable stage system with his easy to handle stage decks and risers is the ideal solution for event areas of all kind.
No lift or lack of storage room? Only 1 m² storeroom for a 24m² stage.
Everyone in hotel business knows the permanent challenges of the clients to transform different event wishes into a successful performance. Be it a little presentation or “only” a seminar with a requested speakers podium or a large event with several bands in different rooms or perhaps still a product presentation as event guide in the lobby. These are a few examples many other situations where REVOSTAGE could do a lot for you.
Flexibility and implementation are the standards your clients demand and appreciate.
Revostage Bühnenpodeste
With REVOSTAGE you manage every event situation -  with only one person.
Also the conference hall in universities or in your company does not loose its integrity - on the contrary the quick assembled stage gives your performance a focused attention and gives the room an important central point.
Revostage Bühnenpodeste
In case your existing premises do not accept your desired stage - no problem we help you with custom made decks and heights aligned to your needs. 
This stage system is exactly the helpful equipment you need in hotel business, conference halls or companies.
REVOSTAGE is Ideal for the most different applications and flexible for every challenge. With a certified loadability of 750 kg/m² there are also no safety concerns.
REVOSTAGE is the most light-weighted stage system in the market! 
All stage elements are produced for you in Sheffield, England, the cradle of
industrialization, under the high demands of ISO 9001 in European quality.
Please forget cheap copies from Far East.
Do not invest in the same product twice!
REVOSTAGE is your local partner. Spare parts and service support are guaranteed
by the European distributor Straight Connection in Germany.

Revostage - Bühnenpodeste

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