Revostage - The Revolution in Portable Staging !

Revostage - The Original from Europe – Made in England

The  lightest stage system in the market - With a loading capacity of  750 kg / m² !

Please forget everything you ever heard about lightweight stage platforms and high loadability - Revostage redefines the terms lightweight construction and high loading capacity.

This original is produced already since 2001 successfully in England - in Sheffield. 

Here was not only the cradle of industrialization, here is also the birthplace of the most lightweight of all professional mobile stage systems.

A 1 m² stage platform weighs only 9 kg and that with a loadability of  750 kg per m² !

As the European Distributor of Revostage Straight Connection is  with its long experience as stage expert your supporting partner in sales consultations and in good service afterwards.
With Revostage the show starts already before the show.

Revostage Platforms
      Revostage Platforms

Revostage Risers
           Revostage Riser

Revostage Cases
       Revostage Transport


Revostage Handrails
      Revostage Hand Rails

Revostage Accessories
     Revostage Accessories

Revostage Complete Stages
          Complete Stages


Revostage - Bühnenpodeste

Revostage Bühne

Revostage Bühnensystem

Revostage Bühne

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Revostage Bühnen