Dear Choirs, Welcome to Revostage!

Great that you found us!

Revostage is that what you probably had been searching for since a long time. A featherweight portable stage system which is perfectly adapted for the needs of a choir. 10 years of experience and many satisfied customers show: Revostage is the stage system for choirs!

Revostage Chorbühne

The facts speak for themselves: Revostage is the most lightweighted stage in the market and is produced for you in Sheffield, the cradle of industrialization under the high demands of ISO 9001 in European quality. Please forget cheap copies from Far East. Don't invest twice in the same product. Revostage is your local partner. Support and spare parts are guranteed by our European Distributor Straight Connection in Hamburg.

You'll certainly have questions and we try to answer them here as far as possible. But of course we look forward to your call or e-mail.

But now let's come to practice:

Will you be seated or stood on the deck platforms?

Seated - you need 1m deep decks
Stood - you need 0.5m deep decks

Do you have access to a van or will it be transported in members cars?

Van - go for the 2m long decks - these are more economic
Car - you'll need 1m long decks to fit in the cars

How many members do you have?

In comfort you can seat 2 members per 1m long deck - but you can probably stand 2 to 2.5 members depending on whether they are moving about or not.
So for instance a 5m wide tier would seat 10 members, but may stand 12
Dont worry about weight - this is not an issue - Revostage accommodates up to 750 kg p/sqm
If you are using the front row on the floor then a typical 5m wide configuration with 3 tiers would easily fit 40 members.

What about heights?

Generally choirs want an even rake - so we suggest from the front row on the floor going to the first tier at 23 cm then 43 cm, 63 cm and we also supply 83 cm (4th level) and 103 cm (5th level) if required. We can make bespoke heights if necessary

So now you have a rectangular tiered config for your members. What if you require a curve or arc to the config?

No problem we supply wedges, these wedges are specifically designed to be placed in between rectangular decks to create a curve. The more wedges you add the more of a curve is created, fo balance we suggest adding an EVEN number of wedges for ODD width metres, and ODD number of wedges for EVEN width metres.

For instance if you have 5 x 1m wide tiers, you could add either 2 wedges or 4 wedges to keep the balance.

Lastly should we consider the back tier safety?

Handrails would be sensible for 1,2 or 3 foot high tiers. However if the back tier is against a wall and the members on the back tier are seated then simple chair stop plates should be used.


All decks and risers join together by the use of an allen key, and it takes 20 seconds to put one together, these are linked with the deck cleats to create a long tier, again using the allen key.
The tiers are fixed togther so they dont come apart using the step riser clamps, at intervals along the run of modules.

Putting up a portable stage of 3 tier x 5m wide system would take 2 people 15 minutes.

 Revostage Chorbühne 

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